ICASS X will mark the 30th anniversary of IASSA.

ICASS is held every three years, bringing together people from all over the world to share ideas about social science and humanities research in the Arctic. ICASS IX, held in June 2017 in Umea, Sweden, attracted 800 participants from 25 different countries.

IASSA is now seeking paper and poster abstracts.
Please submit them by 31 December 2019 to at icass.uni.edu.
All submissions should be in English.

If you have any questions please contact Andrey Petrov (andrey.petrov.iassa@gmail.com ) and CC to Elena Golosova (golosove@uni.edu ).

If you need a visa, please check https://icass.uni.edu/visa-support

ICASS X's theme is Arctic Generations: Looking Back and Looking Forward. Research on social sciences and humanities have a great responsibility to address the challenges for sustainable development in the Arctic, with a specific focus on past, present and future generations of Arctic residents. The generational nature of changes and responses have lately become more recognized by many policy makers and researchers. A focus on generations highlights the long-term, fundamental nature and scope of changes, impacts and adaptation strategies. Another focus of ICASS X is Indigenous knowledge and inter- and transdisciplinary research in the Arctic.

ICASS will welcome sessions and papers on all facets of the Arctic and Sub-Arctic. And, as always, ICASS will also welcome contributions on all other subjects of relevance to IASSA members.

We encourage the participation of Indigenous peoples, northern residents, and decision-makers, as well as academics, so that ICASS X provides a rich environment in which to advance discussions on sustainabilities in the Arctic and the North and on other Northern matters.

Limited funds may be available to support travel by early career and Indigenous scholars.