The University of Northern Iowa is an emerging hub of Arctic social sciences research in the USA: the Arctic, Remote and Cold Territories Interdisciplinary Center (ARCTICenter) has been established at the University in 2015 to recognize the rapid growth of Arctic research on campus. It now manages multiple Arctic research projects and serves as a home for two NSF Arctic social sciences research coordination networks (Arctic-FROST and Arctic-COAST), as well as for other Arctic cooperation initiatives. The Center’s strategic vision focuses on interdisciplinary, integrative, international initiatives with the emphasis on Arctic social sciences, sustainability research and community well-being studies. Center contributed to such hallmark international projects as Arctic Social Indicators, Arctic Human Development Report, Arctic Resilience Report, ECONOR and others. The Center is directed by Dr. Andrey N. Petrov.

The IASSA Secretariat was previously housed at Umeå University.