"I am deeply grateful to the UArctic for the invaluable opportunity you have granted me to participate in the Arctic Congress, a pivotal event held in Bodø, Norway. This event, of immense significance in the field of Arctic studies, was made accessible to me solely through your generous grant.

I study International Law and International Relations at the University of Lapland, and my research interest is understanding how climate legislation, especially in the EU, shapes tourism in the Arctic.

My trip to the Arctic Congress aimed to present my PhD-related research papers, learn from peers, and gain new insights into my studies. The event was particularly important to me, as I am soon starting to write the conclusion of my PhD, and this grant has enabled me to hear about the latest developments in my disciplines. In the presentations I heard several aspects, that authors had not included in their research papers, why participating in such an events, as Arctic Congress is pivotal.

The grant you provided me with has not only allowed me to participate in the Arctic Congress and present my research, but it has also opened up unique learning opportunities. I was able to delve deeper into the issues of the Arctic, climate change, and the rapidly evolving legal framework. Moreover, I had the privilege of meeting and exchanging ideas with other researchers. These experiences, which are invaluable for an early career academic like me, would not have been possible without your generous support.

So, thank you again for this opportunity to grow as a professional with your grant. The Arctic Congress was a fantastic experience, and I hope that future generations of early career researchers may have similar experiences". (c) Juho Kähkönen