COVID has highlighted and further exacerbated the challenges faced by Indigenous communities everywhere, particularly in Alaska. The 49th state is the largest and least densely populated in the United States. Self-sufficiency and the ability to hunt and fish are critical, especially considering the harsh winters and remoteness of many Alaska Native villages. Regardless of challenges, Alaska Native people are proud of their traditions and ways of life.

Please join us for a discussion with multiple generations of Alaska Native voices who will share their stories of life in Alaska, and how their communities and villages have prospered despite the many barriers they face. As part of the "Alaska Native Corporations in Context" series, the event will explore the unique role Alaska Native Corporations, created by the Alaska Native Claims Settlement Act, play in providing critical services, resources, and economic benefits to Indigenous communities throughout the state.


Michael Sfraga
Director, Polar Institute; Director, Global Risk and Resilience Program

Kim Reitmeier
Executive Director, ANCSA Regional Association as co-moderator


Shauna Hegna
President, Koniag

William L. Iggiagaruk Hensley
Professor, University of Alaska Anchorage

Patuk Glenn
Executive Director, Arctic Slope Community Foundation

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