Starting in June 2021, or as defined, she position will be based at the Northern Institute for Environmental and Minority Law, 

duties of the appointee are as follows:

• conduct research independently and take initiatives for new research. The research should be based on the overall objectives of NIEM with a focus on the broader thematic areas of environmental law, policy, politics, and human rights dimensions, as they apply to the Arctic and its people, in particular the Indigenous and the local population of the Arctic. Additionally, the research will consider the Arctic region's sustainable development and its environmental and legal considerations.
• Publishing of research results in high-quality international journals and other publishing venues
• Acquisition of supplementary external research funding and leading and management of research projects
• Provision of instruction in the Arctic Studies programme and university graduate school, and supervision of doctoral students in the relevant area of research
• Participation at the core activities of the Institute, as described above
• Innovative publication of science in the exhibitions of the Arctic Centre
• Popularisation of Arctic science

Required qualifications and merits:

• Doctoral degree in the field of law or in relevant disciplines in social sciences.
• Academic proficiency and expertise in the relevant field demonstrated through publications
• Fluent communication skills with decision-makers and the general public
• Demonstrated ability to acquire supplementary research funding and to lead research projects
• Experience of research on northern and Arctic regions
• Excellent command of English


Application must be delivered by May 3, 2021. More information here.