The aim of the Nordic Council of Ministers’ Arctic Cooperation Programme 2018–2021 is to create sustainable and constructive development in the Arctic and for its people based on the four P’s: planet, peoples, prosperity and partnerships.

It is central to the Nordic Council of Ministers’ Arctic Cooperation Programme 2018–2021 that specific needs of the Arctic will be accommodated and that the programme will contribute to the region’s sustainable development. In this context, the Agenda 2030 and the 17 global sustainable development goals adopted by the UN General Assembly in 2015 play a significant role.

In 2020, the Nordic Council of Ministers funded 20 different projects through the Arctic Cooperation Programme for a total amount of 6.767.000 DKK. Among the various project teams and consortiums are different leading institutions in Arctic affairs, newly established Arctic youth organisations, NGOs, artists, universities, associations of indigenous people and entrepreneurs from the Nordic region and beyond.

Applications must involve three Nordic countries. One or more non-Nordic countries may participate in the partnership, if they are from one of the other Arctic states such as Canada, Russia or the US. The lead partner must be from one of the Nordic countries. Projects must, where possible, be carried out with the participation of inhabitants and stakeholders in the Arctic, including indigenous people.

For more information visit the Nordic Arctic Programme website.