In particular, the series explores how local government decision-makers and stakeholders engage climate change discourse, how impacts manifest in different locations, and the level of priority given to policy and planning responses.

A key aim in delivering the seminar series is to facilitate graduate student interaction, and provide an opportunity for graduate researchers to share their work with others - whether their work is in an early conceptual stage or something more advanced and complete.

In January, the inaugural seminar in the series included students from the University of Alberta (Canada) and Aalborg University (Denmark), who were examining topics in Canada, Iceland and Greenland. On 29 March, students from Université Laval (Canada), University of Northern British Columbia (Canada) and Northern (Arctic) Federal University (Russia) will explore cases from Canada and Russia. The program for the seminar in March is available here

Climate Change Impacts and Responses in the Arctic, 29 January, 2021, seminar program