The Forum will discuss the following issues:

1. Theoretical and applied questions of population geography, demography and geodemography.
2. Regional features of demographic development.
3. Geopolitical, historical, geocultural and ethnocultural problems of regions.
4. Ecological, demographic and social security of regions. COVID-19 pandemic and its impact on demographics.
5. Demography and law.
6. Man and the biosphere: global challenges.
7. Education and demography.
8. Digitalization and demography. Mapping demographic processes.
9. View of young scientists on the demographic problems of the global world.


The languages ​​of the forum are Russian and English.

Researchers, specialists, university professors and school teachers, graduate students, undergraduates, students and schoolchildren are invited to participate in the Forum. A competition for the best scientific report will be organized for young participants of the Forum (up to 35 years old). 

In case of absentia participation, the materials of the Forum will be sent after the event.

April 30, 2021 - application deadline.
June 30, 2021 - submission of materials for publication (articles).
September 5, 2021 - final program and official invitations to participants of the Forum.

Contact Information:

Natalia Yakovenko, e-mail:, tel. +7-919-1889232, +7-952-1083242

More information (in Russian) here