The administration of the programme has been moved to another Nordic institution and therefore Nordregio will no longer receive and review new or continued applications.

This task will from 2022 be the responsibility of NAPA in Greenland.

Two- or three-year projects that were approved in earlier periods of the Nordic Arctic Cooperation Programme and are still ongoing, will therefore have to apply for their continued funding through NAPA.

Nordregio will however continue to administrate and follow up on project activities that were approved in previous periods. All project reporting from programme periods prior to the upcoming 2022 period – including financial statements, progress, and final reports – shall therefore be handed in to Nordregio as in previous years.

For projects that are entering their second or third year in 2022, this means that project activities prior to that must be reported to Nordregio while activities that take place in the upcoming project years will be reported to NAPA.

Formally, the only change that is taking place is that the administration of the programme. Besides that, the same rules apply, and these changes should not affect ongoing projects in any further way.

To access more information on the upcoming programme period and apply for funding you can follow the links below.

If you have any further questions, you can always contact the staff at Nordregio, that will guide you as well as possible. You can reach or contact