This meeting gathered the national coordinators of the countries with north2north funding: the National Agencies of Finland, Sweden, Kingdom of Denmark (Denmark, Greenland, and the Faroe Islands), Norway and the Northern Canada north2north coordinator. The President of UArctic, the UArctic VP Mobility, the UArctic VP Organization and the international coordinator of north2north also attended the meeting.

UArctic VP Mobility and the international coordinator of north2north (ICO) organized this meeting to discuss the integration of the new Northern Canada north2north mobility program in the already existing north2north program. The government of Canada made the decision to fund north2north again in 2021 with target to enhance the mobility of indigenous students studying at the north2north institutions located in the territories of Canada (Yukon University, Aurora College and Nunavut Arctic College). Northern Canada will offer north2north scholarships from the Spring semester 2022. Other topics discussed during the meeting concerned the new forms of mobility after the pandemics (physical vs blended vs online mobility) and the mobility challenges caused by the closure of international borders. The latest updates in term of mobility with non-Arctic countries and the new UArctic Strategic plan were also presented during this meeting. At the end of the meeting, an excursion was organized to the National Museum of Finland in order to see the Sámi exhibition Mäccmõš, maccâm, máhccan – The Homecoming - The National Museum of Finland - The National Museum of Finland (