Zakusov, a Management major at Ukhta State Technical University, had the opportunity to study at Nord University in Bodø, Norway from January to June 2018.  

Zakusov's studies at Nord included group discussions, lectures and group work on various subjects.

Along with studying at Nord, Zakusov not only participated but helped organize the High-North Dialogue international conference.  The week long conference brought in participants from Norway, Russia, China, USA and the EU countries.  The conference also engaged students in a workshop about "Smart cities in the High-North in 2035" - an experience that landed Zakusov's group in 3rd place.  

Zakusov also learned of the Barents cooperation at the High-North dialogue which is a cooperation between Norway and Russia where either country will assist in boat or helicopter rescues if needed.  

While in Norway, Zakusov had the opportunity to visit the Lofoten Islands, exploring the mountains, fjords, and stunning views as well as celebrate the day of the Norwegian Constitution.