The course introduces the problems of ice mechanics to the students and provides the experience of operating research equipment in the laboratory and in field conditions. The course includes lectures on basic concepts of ice mechanics and ice interactions with offshore structures and ships, lectures about standards of Russia for the calculation of ice loads on offshore structures, laboratory and field activities in the Laboratory of Ice Research (FEFU) and in the bay near FEFU campus. Prior to the field activities, special lectures introduce the equipment (used for the measurements of characteristics and strength of sea ice, ice hardness measurements by drop ball technique, etc.) to the students.

Language: English
Duration: 6 days/72 academic hours
Price: 50,000 RUB

Deadline for application: January 31, 2020

How to apply:

Participants should fill in the registration form, and send a copy of passport to the contact e-mail

Read more from the course webpages and the attached information leaflet.