ASM3 aims to use the well-established foundation of the Ministerial as a means to take action on coordinated Arctic observing and research in an open and transparent format which includes all Arctic stakeholders. The involvement of States, Indigenous participants, and international organizations for Arctic research shows a broad recognition at the government level of the urgent response and action needed. The importance of coming together to develop and strengthen Arctic research cooperation and collaboration is essential.

A vital element of ASM3 is the development of education and capacity building for future generations, with an emphasis both on scientific and local knowledge in Arctic and non-Arctic States. This is important because scientific progress depends on a healthy, multi-generational scientific community in which the best minds receive the training and mentorship they need to contribute to knowledge creation. It is necessary to find avenues for making Arctic science research inclusive and engaging for the next generation, for whom global climate change will impact most.

Japan and Iceland offered to co-host ASM3 in the autumn of 2020, which was welcomed and agreed unanimously by ASM2 participants in Berlin. Although the ASM strongly supports the Arctic Council, the ASM is separate from the Arctic Council. It will be the first Ministerial meeting regarding Arctic issues held in Asia, and it is hoped that this event will highlight the value of Arctic science research conducted by non-Arctic States.

For more information visit the ASM3 website here.