The ArcI research programme is a multidisciplinary programme established by the University of Oulu to add knowledge and expertise on Arctic issues.  The programme was established to help reduce the impact of global change in the North, an increasingly pressing issue.  

The main themes of the ArcI programme are global change and northern environments, human-environment interaction, and sustainable systems, development, and use of natural resources.  University of Oulu Vice Rector for Research, Taina Pihlajaniemi, explains "We need multidisciplinary research to tackle these issues, owing to their complicated nature". 

The university is now looking for five new up-and-coming researchers join their team as a part of the ArcI programme with hopes of gaining expertise in the areas of: biodiversity and ecosystems, geology and hydrology, cultural history and folkloristics, natural resource management, and Arctic architecture and research into environmental adaptation.

"This will position the University of Oulu right at the forefront of Arctic research across the entire northern research community, and is another step towards the university becoming one of the world's leading research institutes", UArctic Chair Professor Jeffrey Welker of the University of Oulu and University of Alaska, Anchorage says.

For more information on ArcI research programme, visit their website.

University of Oulu has been a member of the University of the Arctic since 2003 and hosts the UArctic Thematic Networks and Research Liaison Office.