The Center’s mission is to provide informational and analytical expert support and to coordinate the formation of complex interdisciplinary research and technological themes and perspective programs as well as academic-and-technological consortia aimed at implementing the policy of socio-economic development of Murmansk region and Arctic Zone of Russian Federation (AZRF).

The Center’s main objective is to render informational and analytical expert assistance to the activities of field-specific federal agencies and governmental authorities of Murmansk region, RAS science centers including RAS Kola Science Center, AZRF and local Murmansk region economic entities in implementing national Arctic policy and enhancing the effectiveness of Arctic scientific research and academic-technological inventions of Murmansk region and Russian Federation. The Center also initiates and coordinates research and technological themes and perspective programs on introducing new knowledge and technologies aimed at implementation of socio-economic development in Murmansk region and AZRF in general.

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