ECSEL JU opens 4 concurrent Calls in 2018 (1 for ECSEL-IA, 1 for ECSEL-RIA and 2 for ECSEL-CSA type of actions). The ECSEL-CSA actions are related to the 2 Lighthouse Initiatives adopted in 2017

  • H2020-ECSEL-2018-1-IA-two-stage - Innovation Actions (IA)
  • H2020-ECSEL-2018-2-RIA-two-stage - Research and Innovation Actions (RIA)
  • H2020-ECSEL-2018-3-CSA-Industry4.E-one-stage– Coordination and Support Action for Industry 4.E Lighthouse Initiative (CSA)
  • H2020-ECSEL-2018-4-CSA-Mobility.E-one-stage– Coordination and Support Action for Mobility4.E Lighthouse Initiative (CSA)

Please see individual deadlines and more information here.