Since much of its territory, both on land and at sea, falls north of the Arctic Circle, the Nordic Region is strongly involved in issues concerning this unique, harsh and vulnerable area. The Arctic Day at the Nordic Pavilion digs into the latest climate and energy solutions for the Arctic.



Arctic Ocean Resilience: Can critical tipping points still be avoided? (Government of Sweden)

The Arctic is often thought of as a distant and isolated region, yet it is also a bellwether of global change. Newspaper headlines and scientific publications over the past year chronical a speed and breadth of ecological and social change that is even greater than many other regions of the planet. These changes are often dramatic: new record lows for sea ice extent, temperatures dramatically above seasonal norms, permafrost thaw, eroding coastlines and acidification of the Arctic Ocean at roughly twice the rate for the world's oceans in general.

Arctic self-determination in a changing climate - What are the connections between natural resource management, community development and climate change? (NordForsk and Nordregio)

This event will focus on both the demographic changes in the Arctic region in a climate perspective as well as the challenges involved when new large-scale resource based industries are introduced to boost regional development in remote areas. Strategies for how local involvement can be developed as part of managing natural resources will be discussed and research considering the position of Arctic people in decision making in relation to natural resource management will be presented.

Tinder for Technologies - Matchmaking for adaptation and mitigation solutions (CTCN)

The United Nations' Climate Technology Centre and Network (CTCN) and Norwegian strategic partner, DNV GL, will bring country representatives together with technology and finance providers with the aim of identifying potential areas for collaboration at this reception.


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