The Fulbright workshop entitled “Shaping Arctic Change through Conscious Choices” brought together former Fulbright scholars to discuss what changes are affecting the Arctic. Sponsored also by the U.S. Embassy in Stockholm, the Swedish Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and co-sponsored by the Stockholm Environmental Institute, and World Wildlife Fund for Nature / Sweden, the workshop sought to identify key threads / insights upon which to build synthesis of the overall theme of “shaping change through conscious choices.

With three focus topics discussed, “Security Challenges and Opportunities”; “Critical Thresholds, Resilience and Adaptive Capacity; and “Governing the Arctic – from Science to Governance”; the work product from this 2-day workshop will be a synthesis paper on the key issues identified as being necessary to shape Arctic change in a conscious and deliberate manner.

With several UArctic members represented, the participants of the workshop included:

Amy Lauren Lovecraft,   University of Alaska Fairbanks 
Annika Nilsson,                Stockholm Environment Institute
Belinda Theriault              Fulbright Iceland
Björn Dahlbäck                Swedish Polar Research Secretariat
Bruce Forbes                  University of Lapland
Catherine Chambers       University of Alaska Fairbanks / Hólar University College
Christopher Nelson         University of Southern Denmark
Daniel Govoni                  University of Alaska Fairbanks
Douglas Nord                  Western Washington University
Elisa Maria Lopez            Uppsala University
Eric Jönsson                   Fulbright Sweden
Garry Peterson               Stockholm Resilience Center
Golo Bartsch                   Ecologic Institute Berlin / University of Bielefeld
Guillaume St-Onge          Université du Québec à Rimouski
Gustaf Lind Swedish      Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Jeffrey Anderson           U.S. Embassy Sweden
Jennifer Lail                    University of Washington / University of Akureyri
Jon Weadon                    U.S. Embassy Sweden
Lawrence Hislop            GRID-Arendal
Marcus Carson              Stockholm Environment Institute, Workshop co-chair
Marcus Hansson           U.S. Embassy Sweden
Mark Brzezinski, US Ambassador - U.S. Embassy Sweden
Martin Sommerkorn       World Wildlife Fund for Nature / WWF
Matt Ayres                     Dartmouth College
Paul Burgess                 Tulane University
Petter Naess                  Fulbright Norway
Pierre-Andre Forest      University of the Arctic
Rolf Carman                   Swedish Ministry of Education
Sarah Cornell                 Stockholm Resilience Centre
Sari Graben                   Ryerson University
Sophia Albov                 University of Montana / University of Helsinki
Shiloh Fetzek                 IISS
Tehri Mölsä                    Fulbright Finland
Tim Frandy                     University of Wisconsin–Madison
Tom Arnbom                  WWF, Workshop co-chair
Tom Healy                     U.S. Fulbright Board (Chairman)
Wes Carrington             U.S. State Department