The team provided valuable feedback for 15 revised modules in BCS 312, 331, and 332. In addition, the team reviewed the course and student feedback for the pilot offering of the revised BCS 100 course.

The meeting in Greece was the fifth workshop for the CCRT since February 2007. The revised curriculum for BCS 100 is currently being piloted by students in the UArctic International Online delivery and by the University of Saskatchewan. The curriculum development for BCS 311 is close to completion. For BCS 312, the Office of Undergraduate Studies was pleased to announce a new academic lead, Monique Haakensen, to guide the continuation of the curriculum development. Authors for BCS 331 and BCS 332 provided many first drafts for the team to review in Spetses: both courses are nearing completion. The revisions of BCS 321 and 322 will not start during this financial year.

The CCRT was also pleased with the feedback collected from the BCS 100 pilot course survey and the student alumni survey presented by Pekka Silven and Karla Hardcastle. The students responded that they found that the Circumpolar Studies program provided good quality education, and that the program was successful with increasing awareness of the conditions of the Circumpolar North. The current and former students also overwhelmingly supported the Circumpolar Studies Program as 100% reported that their expectations of the Circumpolar Studies courses were met and that they would recommend the courses to a friend. The CCRT agreed to publish a new article presenting the research.

The Office of Undergraduate Studies would like to provide a special thank you to Technological Educational Institute of Piraeus for hosting the meetings on the beautiful island of Spetses, and Tassos Tzerachoglou and others from institute for providing such superb support.

The workshop was chaired and organized by Emmy S. Neuls, and sponsored by the UArctic Office of Undergraduate Studies.

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The Dean of Undergraduate Studies, Dr. Hayley Hesseln welcomed the following members of the CCRT to Greece:
• Alec Aitken, Department of Geography, University of Saskatchewan, Canada
• Rich Boone, Univeristy of Alaska Fairbanks, The United States
• Björn Gunnarsson, School for Renewable Energy Science, University of Akureyri, Iceland
• Monique Haakensen, Saskatchewan Research Council, Canada
• Karla Hardcastle, Northlands College, Canada
• Marina Kalinina, Northern (Arctic) Federal University, Russia
• Elena Kotyrlo, Syktyvkar State University, Russia
• Jeanette Mckee, Univeristy of Saskatchewan, Canada
• Bjørn Sagdahl, Bodø University College, Norway
• Pekka Silven, Oulu University of Applied Sciences, Oulu, Finland

The Office of Undergraduate Studies would also like to recognize CCRT Members that were unable to participate:
• Bonita Beatty, University of Saskatchewan
• Sargylana Kondakova, Sakha State University, Russia
• Mikhail Prisyazhniy, Sakha State University, Russia